Slowly fell the rain. It meandered to the ground without even a hint of urgency. Jamie didn't mind however, the rain suited her just fine. In the gloom she felt she stood out less. People's vision narrowed in the wet. They looked down more, watching for puddles and avoiding eye contact.
This mattered to Jamie, because the less people looked at her, the less she was noticed. And being noticed was never a good thing in Jamie's opinion. Being noticed could only lead to bad things for her. She scanned the alley way. Nobody paid her any mind. After all she was just a simple girl with hair too kinky and a nose so large that Neil Armstrong could probably walk on it. Down the sidewalk she went, further, further. "Jamie!! Jamie!!!" Ugh. Could this day get any worse? She tries to keep walking, but the girl grabs her arm. "What do you want Sara?"