Wilson glanced at the sign and his heart skipped a beat. There it was in black and white. The sign had been fixated very high, right above the door. He looked at it, eyes full of hope. In bold writing, the sign read, "No Smoking". Loitering". The principal always had been an uptight man, but this was crossing the line. After what happened last night, the Principal had to take some action. Allison Burns had started a riot with her closest friends, cigarettes and lights in their hands. They marched down the halls, red lips pressed in lines and lit cigs between them. Miniskirts and short dresses with vibrant colors filled the hall, wall to wall until nobody could pass. The principal's eyes widened at the sight before him. Words failed him as he saw them strut through the hall, their heads held high. Allison couldn't help a just barely noticeable smirk when she saw the expression on the principal's face. The only words he could think of were, "And just what do you think you're doing?" in an obvious stammer. I stated in a stern voice,