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Wilson glanced at his watch anxiously. The seconds felt like minutes, the minutes like hours. He tried to bring his focus back to the present moment, back the task at hand. Try as he might, though, he could not stop the fear from creeping in, from taking over. He'd been over this scenario in his head a thousand times, but every way he looked at it this was going to end in disaster. Still, what choice did he have? The only other alternative was unthinkable, and would probably lead to his untimely demise. The secretary returned from the office. "Ms. Sandberg will see you now." She gestured towards the grand double doors, which were now open for him. This was it. All or nothing.
"So you finally made a decision about my offer" snarked Sandberg in her usual menacing tone. "Something like that", Wilson bit back, defiantly. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a revolver which he aimed squarely at Sandberg's incredulous face. "Do you honestly thi"... began Ms. Sandberg but her sentence was cut short by a bullet to the face.
Wilson shook, still holding his gun in his hand stretched out towards where Sandberg had stood just a moment ago. Her lifeless body slid down against her desk and slumped to the floor. For a moment Wilson just stood, having both fired a gun and taken a life for the first time in one small pull of a trigger. But as one life ended, his had now begun. That is, if the next steps of his plan went smoothly. Slowly, he turned to face Sandberg's secretary who stood frozen but screaming hysterically in the door way. He raised the pistol again and for the second time in his life, took someone else's.
He hesitated. But only for a moment. He allowed
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