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"Honey, wake up, your alarm has been going off for ages." He shook her lightly as he looked at her beautiful eyes flutter awake. she attacked him with a smelly morning breath kiss.[p]"Good morning baby." she cuddled him until he was lying down again whispering in his ear "I love you." She quickly jolted up and began to brush her messy hair.[p]"Lucy, don't leave come back to bed."[p]"meh, i want to..but i gots to go to work."[p]She drove to work listening to old 70's rock. "..Love me two times baby, love me twice today. Love me two times girl. i'm goin away.." She sung along to jim morrison as she sped down the turnpike to work.[p]Jack got up out of bed and showered, getting ready for the new day ahead. he slipped on his twill pants, his black sweater, black cracked watch, and ran some hair gel through his hair. "You got this jack, you got this." He looked into his deep blue eyes as he put his coat on.[p]Arriving to the big gray building lined with windows, he pulled into the parking lot and walked to the front door. "Hello, i'm a new hire looking for.." He looked down at the writing on his hand, "...Mr. Black."[p]"Oh yes dear, your name?" linda, the secretary peered through her glasses at the young man in all black.[p]"Jack Wilson," he gave her a slight smile as he pushed his hands into his pockets.[p]Soon, he was led back into a white walled room with other new hires. "go ahead and sit in one of the available chairs jack, we will begin in a moment." Mr. black spoke with a voice of cashmere as he danced his hand toward the empty chair in the back room.[P]"Okay gentlemen, it's great to see you all today. i'm glad you made it this far. there are a few rules i must touch up on before i begin at all. numero uno and also the most important: Do not tell anybody where you work, what you
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